Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cicada Music is Making Headlines!

As the Brood II Cicadas start to invade our friends in the North, people are having different reactions. Some people run, some people hide, and some people...make music.

David Rothenburg is no stranger to creating music with nature. He has several CD's of musical collaborations with whales, birds, and other bugs. As of late, Rothenburg has endeavored to create music with a current cultural icon, the cicada.

The NY Times has run a feature on Rothenburg, showcasing his talents and those lesser known talents of the cicada. Along with fellow cicada enthusiasts, Rothenburg collects, lectures upon, and then performs with our flying friends at the New York Botanical Gardens. As fans of cicadas and music ourselves, we were thrilled to see Rothenburg wearing one of our "Sing. Fly. Mate. Die." T-shirts during the interview. Check it out below!

Clarinet, With Cicada Chorus - NY Times

For more information on David Rothenburg you can check out his website here:

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