Monday, June 17, 2013

Cicada Sale!

Cicada Sale Time! Our Cicada Invasion t-shirts are now $15.99, and the Cicada Man Bobble Heads are $6.99. To get yours - and any other Cicada Invasion Survival Gear - head over to our online store. Stock up now and ride out the invasion in style!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time-Lapse Documentary on the Life of a Cicada

17 years underground for 6 weeks out in the fresh air. That's the tradeoff every cicada makes in their life. We often forget that the life cycle of the cicada is both beautiful and tragic and just focus on the noise. However, natural-historian and time-lapse photographer Samuel Orr has spent the past 6 years documenting and capturing the fascinating life cycle of the Midwestern cicada.

The video is merely a preview of the hour-long documentary Orr wants to produce. To fund his dream, he has created a kick-starter in hopes of raising $20,000. If you love cicadas, time-lapse photography, and awesome views of nature - this video is for you. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cicada Music is Making Headlines!

As the Brood II Cicadas start to invade our friends in the North, people are having different reactions. Some people run, some people hide, and some people...make music.

David Rothenburg is no stranger to creating music with nature. He has several CD's of musical collaborations with whales, birds, and other bugs. As of late, Rothenburg has endeavored to create music with a current cultural icon, the cicada.

The NY Times has run a feature on Rothenburg, showcasing his talents and those lesser known talents of the cicada. Along with fellow cicada enthusiasts, Rothenburg collects, lectures upon, and then performs with our flying friends at the New York Botanical Gardens. As fans of cicadas and music ourselves, we were thrilled to see Rothenburg wearing one of our "Sing. Fly. Mate. Die." T-shirts during the interview. Check it out below!

Clarinet, With Cicada Chorus - NY Times

For more information on David Rothenburg you can check out his website here:

To get your own t-shirt, prints, stickers, mugs, and other cicada invasion gear - head over to our Cicada Invasion store!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

They are Coming....

The East Coast Brood will be emerging soon! We are not strangers to the apocalyptic outbreaks of earth’s under-dwelling hoards. NPR’s science writer recently contacted us to know more about how we used our art to celebrate this bizarre natural event, and inform people about the pending cicada invasion that hit Middle Tennessee back in 2011.

For more info about the upcoming East Coast Brood invasion, check out this recent story on NPR.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dead Cicadas Make Great Art!

After the Great Southern Brood Cicada invasion of 2011, Designer Joel Anderson (creator of the Cicada Invasion Collection) was inspired by all the dead cicadas around his pool, so he made a few compositions and photographed them just before his dog walked through and messed up the art!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NEW Cicada Pasta Cooking Video!

Well, we finally got around to cooking some cicadas (just to see what all the foodies have been raving about!) Cicadas are actually a tasty protein to include in pasta sauces! Check out the video:

Our recipe included:
• 20 cicadas
• red wine
• olive oil
• butter
• toasted sesame seeds
• tomatoes
• mushrooms
• stuffed pasta
• garlic salt
• Tony’s Cajun seasoning

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cicadas Cause Technical Dificulties...

These creatures are harmless—except for their stupidity. We’ve heard of near-accidents due to hapless bugs buzzing into cars and freaking out drivers. But this is a new one: Vanderbilt Unversity is reporting problems with their cooling systems due to cicadas flying into and dying in the cooling towers! See the article...

In recent weeks, Life Flight crews have had to battle the cicadas that swarm the aircraft during take off and landing. Lis Henley is an in-flight nurse for LifeFlight. She told Nashville's News 2 the bugs immediately flock to the helicopters.

"It's just interesting how quickly they come when they hear the noise," Henley said, adding, "The noise, it's not the lighting, so day or nighttime, it's the noise they're attracted to."
Vandy’s Life Flight helicopters are also attracting cicadas. See the article...